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List of Ph.D Scholars of Ongoing Research Work

Candidate Name & Reg.No.
Title of the Thesis
Name of the University
Month & year Registration
1. Mr.B.Paranathagan 19143591113 Dr.S.Vijayalakshmi Investigations on reducing switch count in Multilevel Inverters for Solving partial shading problem Anna University , Chennai Jan 2019
2. Ms.C.Pearline Kamalini 18243591139 Dr.M.V.Suganyadevi Improvement of Power Quality and Voltage Stability with Distributed Energy Resources. Anna University , Chennai Jan 2018
3. Mr.S.Ramprasath 18143591168 Dr.C.Krishnakumar Power quality improvement in ac to dc converter Anna University , Chennai Jan 2018
4. Mr.P.Ramesh Babu 18143591114 Dr.C.Krishnakumar A digital PFC based High Powered battery charger using boost topology for plug-in-Electrical device Anna University , Chennai Jan 2018
5. Mr.R.Venugopal 13phd1137 Dr.M.Prabakar Study of DC-DC Converters for Automotive Applications VIT University Jul 2013
6. Mr.R.Vijay 16153597177 Dr.C.Vennila Security Enabled NFC devices for Embedded Applications Anna University Jul 2016
7. Ms.N.Gayathri 17243691152 Dr.L.Ashok Kumar Smart city Anna University Jan 2017
8. Mr.R.Sridhar 18143597145 Dr.V.Mohan Power quality enhancement of Multilevel Inverter Anna University Jul 2018