The Department of Physics is one of the basic Sciences departments that impart both theory and practical knowledge to the students of 1st year B.E/B.Tech.

The Department has dedicated and enthusiastic staff members. Lesson planning of the subject has been done carefully to suit the needs of the students. Sufficient problems are solved and discussed during the class. Special measures have been taken for the students who need extra attention to help them build their self confidence and enhance their knowledge about the subject.

The Department has a well-equipped and modern laboratory. The laboratory has been thoroughly modernized according to the syllabus of Anna University, Chennai. Adequate numbers of equipments are available so each student gets enough scope to learn. Students are given opportunity to practice individually, so that they can give their best in the university examinations.


  • To ignite and promote knowledge in Engineering and promote passion in the study of Physics
  • To build a foundation of excellence in the application of Physics in the field of Engineering


  • To kindle interest in the young minds in the subject
  • To enocurage the students to participate in various symposium and seminars and involve them in all the activities associated with the college
  • To make them conscious of the social responsibilities
  • To introduce pioneering programmes in the department that will embrace heritage and values of the institution.

• To keep pace with the fast progressing world of computers by innovation and industry and help the College evolve into a center of advanced learning, technology and research of global renown and enrich the human resource of our Motherland.