The department of EEE took an initiative on knowledge sharing by providing consultancy services to the industries by leveraging the expertise of the faculty and the existing laboratory facilities. As a result of continuous efforts of the department, the IIPC-EEE was formulated in October 2012 with an objective to reduce the gap between industry expectations (Practices) and academic offerings (Theory) by direct involvement of the industry to attain a symbiosis. The IIPC-EEE is lead by a Certified Energy Auditor.

It is observed that the benefit of the modern technology has not reached most of the small scale industries and startup companies, where still age old engineering practices are being followed leading to power quality issues and energy loss. One among the main objective of the IIPC- EEE is to cater these sectors of the society, to derive the real benefit of technology and thereby contribute to energy conservation and power quality improvement in line with the nation's energy policy.

What IIPC-EEE can offer to Industries?

  • Evaluation of Compliance as per CEA 2012 (Central Electrical Authority)and the consequent TANGEDCO Regulations (April 2012) on Power Quality, in Industries and identification of possible solutions
  • Acting as a consultant to implement those identified power quality solutions
  • Cost Saving Analysis for the industry by maintaining good Power quality
  • Performance Analysis of PV-Solar System
  • Projects Executed

    Consultancy Service offered to Industry

    A power quality audit has been conducted on industry premises to evaluate the harmonic limit compliance by the customer to the CEA Regulations and TANGEDCO Norms on chargeable basis. A complete report of the audit on compliance has been submitted to industrial customers those who are drawing HT supply from the utility. Some of the industries where power quality audit has been conducted so far are listed below.

      M/S. MALLOW INTERNATIONAL (a leading Textile industry), Karur, during December 2021

      Energy Auditing at M/S.Cares Renewables Pvt.Ltd, Coimbatore on 25-10-17 and 26-10-17

      Power Quality Audit at Lakshmi Electricals, on 15-08-2016

      Investigation of High Neutral - Ground voltage at Sri Vaithieswaran ortho clinic, on 18-01-2016

      Dielectric strength of non-edible oil at Ghandhigram rural institute on 04-01-2015

      Motor current Profile monitoring at Rane Brakes India(Ltd),Sethurapatti,Trichy on 10-04-2014

      Power Quality Audit at Seva Gases Pvt Ltd, Pudukkudi (110 KV Utility Supply) on 21-02-2014

      Power Quality Audit at Shanmuga Polymer Pvt Ltd, Pudukottai (33 KV Utility Supply)

      Internal Consultancy Services offered by the department

      Also the department is instrumental in offering its expertise to meet the needs of the institution as and when it is necessary. The parent institution has recently taken a major electrical work to convert the utility LT supply to an HT supply. All the preliminary work on design and modifications has been carried out by the department and the conversion work is under progress awaiting the HT supply from the TNEB.