Quality Improvement Cell

Quality Improvement Cell (QIC), is an initiative to improve the learning ability of students, by exposing them to e-resources. Saranthan College of Engineering(SCE), has been selected as one of the 21 nodal centers of Anna University to execute the functions of QIC, as per the directions from the Commissioner of Technical Education and Director/Centre for Faculty development, Anna University, Chennai. Under the nodal centre of Saranthan College of Engineering, 16 Engineering colleges in Tiruchirappalli zone are roped in. This was declared in a meeting attended by the Principal and Dean/Academics, at Anna University in the month of October 2013. After the same a QIC, cell was established in our Institute with nominees from respective branches, including the Librarian. By December 2013, 6 senior faculty headed by Dean/Student affairs, attended a one day workshop on the objectives of QIC, conducted by CFD/Anna University.

SCE, has registered with IIT, Bombay Spoken tutorial team, and several departments have conducted various phases of training in Spoken tutorial, and the process is ON, and we have certified individuals in a few courses. The management has been magnanimous in sanctioning funds to increase the number of non-technical books, to inculcate the habit of reading, among students as the per directions of the Commissioner, for Technical Education.

SCE organized a "One day workshop on the Objective of QIC", for 16 institutions, under its umbrella, in which there was a participation of 38 senior faculty members. An action plan to increase the quality of our institution, a special period for library for all classes is now under use. Also the digital library is strengthened with updated versions of PCs, for better access to our e-resources.

Name of Resources
Availability of Resources
NPTEL Videos Hard Disk/Intranet
  • NPTEL video resources available in the form of Hard Disc and the contents are already uploaded in the 'Sara Web Portal'.
  • More than 183 video courses available in various Engineering and Science disciplines.
  • The information on videos are categorized according to the departments and subjects and the list is forwarded in the group mail and displayed in the notice boards.
  • This facility has been available in our campus since February 2013.
Bridge Courses CD given through DOTE DVD/Intranet
  • Educational videos on English, Maths & Physics are available in the CDs, in our Library.
Edusat Classes by CFD Hard Disk/Intranet
  • Edusat Classes are in the form of Videos and the same was copied into Hard Disc Drives form the Center for Faculty Development at Chennai.
  • Thanks to the support from the Director/CFD.
Spoken Tutorial by IIT - Bombay (through NMEICT) DVD/Intranet
  • From spoken tutorial website 20 open source software and 20 related tutorials are downloaded and stored in DVDs.
  • Tutorials in Tamil version is available for some of the software. We have downloaded all the 15 video tutorials.
  • The institute has registered with the Spoken tutorial team, and various departments have started their respective courses.
MOOC Various courses like coursera MIT freeware etc DVD/Intranet
  • MIT Courseware & course video lectures numbering 21, covering various Engineering disciplines are downloaded and stored in DVDs.
  • The data, is available in our portal, and digital library, for further utility.
Any other Resources Internet Under this category we have provided useful web links The following e-resources are linked
2. Elseiver
3. Springer
5. Access Engg
7. Jgate-Engg
8. Ebsco
9. Jgate-Mgt