Research Cell

Our institution gives utmost importance for research. Ever since its inception in the year 1998, the Institution has taken concerted efforts for Innovation and Research. Research Cell was constituted to strengthen research activities, enhance industry interaction and to foster industry relevant research.

Research Cell provides support and guidance to enable faculty and students to take up research and innovative development relevant to industry as well as society.

Major goals of Research cell include the following:

  • Establish and Nurture Research culture.

  • Establishment of Research labs & Infra structure.

  • Encourage Sponsored Research & Enhance facilities.

  • Engage in Collaborative Research.


  • To provide inter-disciplinary approach to solving problems related to Mechanical Engineeing, Civil Engineering, Robotics, Embedded System, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Elecrtical Engineering, Computer Science & Information Technology. etc.

  • To prepare and send research proposals to various funding agencies like DST, AICTE, DIT, FIST, DRDO, CSIR, TNSCST, etc.,

  • To prepare and send proposals to various funding agencies under MODROBS Scheme.

  • To promote innovative ideas and concepts in the selected areas and to come up with new product development.

  • To publish papers in the refereed journals.

  • To apply for Patents for innovative ideas and products.

  • To develop course modules for the core subject.

  • To conduct workshops, seminars and FDPs in the specialized areas of research.

Research Cell (Department wise)

Anna University recognized research centers:

  • Electronics & Communication Engineering Department

  • Electrical & Electronics Department

  • Mechanical Engineering Department