Objectives of the Cell

It is observed that the benefit of the modern technology has not reached most of the small scale industries and startup companies, where still age old engineering practices are being followed leading to power quality issues and energy loss. It is also found that the awareness level on power quality and energy conservation were not up to the mark in a certain sector of small scale industries.

One among the main objective of the IIPC - EEE is to cater these sectors of the society, to derive the real benefit of technology at the grass root level industries and thereby contribute to energy conservation and power quality improvement in line with the nation 's energy policy.

Thrust area in which consultancy is being offered

The department is currently offering the consultancy services (but not limited to) in the following areas leveraging the facilities of the department and the expertise of faculty in this field.

  • Power Quality Compliance Audit for HT customers
  • Energy Audit for industries
  • Renewable energy