Department of Maths

The Department of Mathematics from its inception in 1998 strives to maintain high standards of teaching mathematics. The department aims to deliver to undergraduate and postgraduate students of various branches of Engineering, Technology and Management disciplines. The department is engaged in both research and teaching. The faculty gives utmost care to bridge the curriculum and corporate expectations. The aim of the department is not only to transform young people to become competent and motivated professionals but also to contribute to the development of the nation.

The faculty includes 5 Doctorate and 6 pursuing Research. Apart from subject teaching, students are taught the Quantitative Aptitude and reasoning by the faculty members to succeed in the campus interviews. With a view to enriching their knowledge in topics of current interest and for having mastery in the methodology of teaching Mathematics, faculty members attend seminars, conferences and workshops organized by the Anna University or by affiliated colleges sponsored by AICTE. To enrich the faculty knowledge in the recent trends in Mathematics research, MASE (Mathematics association of Saranathan College of Engineering) arranges for special talks by thought leaders in the academic field. Such talks also facilitate the students to acquire a deeper insight into the realms of Mathematics and its application in the field of technology.


  • To empower the budding engineers to equip themselves with sound mathematical knowledge and skills and to make them think and apply this knowledge to make mathematical models and solve complex problems in engineering and day to day life.


  • To make Mathematics a subject of interest.
  • To provide a healthy environment where students learn to be competent users of Mathematics and its applications.
  • To motivate students to pursue research in various disciplines of societal needs by using their knowledge and experience in mathematics to solve many complicated problems.

Short term goal

  • To organize many National seminars, workshops and conferences for the benefit of students and Staff.
  • To conduct faculty development programmes in cutting edge areas of research in Mathematics.
  • To develop the department into a recognized Research Center.

Long term goal

  • To create an environment that supports outstanding research.
  • To elevate the department to a centre of excellence in Mathematics.
  • To conduct International conferences.