Students Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (SJEEE)

It is widely observed that students who participate in symposiums, conferences etc have a practice of presenting papers without traversing the necessary path. Normally students indulge in copy paste work and inculcate the practice of plagiarism knowingly or unknowingly in their very beginning stage without realizing the serious implications of such acts. The research cell of department of EEE intends to make the student realize that, publishing a paper is a consequence of several actions and efforts taken over a period of time and not an action by itself. Also it is desired to inculcate the best practices of engineers among the students in their very beginning stage. In this perspective, the research cell of department of EEE has taken an initiative to publish a new e-journal exclusively for students with the following objectives.


  • To provide a platform for the students to submit papers based on their original work
  • To cultivate interest in students to execute simple projects relevant to their curriculum and appreciate their significance
  • Encourage students to develop their indigenous capability as well as enhance their technical writing skills
  • To eradicate plagiarism in the very initial stage of one’s career
  • Expose students with an well defined path for getting a publication

The journal is named as sjeee (Students Journal of electrical and electronics engineering). The journal will start publishing one issue per year. All the students are encouraged to submit their original article based on their analytical/simulation/hardware work in the area of electrical and electronics engineering.

Editor in Chief : Dr.C.Krishnakumar

Associate Editor in Chief : Dr.S.Vijayalakshmi

Editorial Board Members:

  1. Dr.M.V.Suganyadevi
  2. Dr.K.Rajkumar
  3. Dr.P.K.Arunkumar
  4. Mr.M.Marimuthu
  5. Mr.P.Ramprakash

Reviewer Board Members

  1. Mr.B.Paranthagan
  2. Mrs.C.Pearline Kamalini
  3. Mr.S.Ramprasath
  4. Mr.P.Ramesh babu
  5. Mr.R.Sridhar
  6. Mr.R.Venugopal
  7. Mr.R.Satheesh
  8. Mr.R.Vijay
  9. Mrs.N.Gayathri
  10. Mrs.A.R.Danila Shirly