Department of Chemistry

 The Department of Chemistry has been engaged in opening up the fascinating world of chemistry to B.E and B.Tech., students since 1998. The department is effectively run by the qualified and well experienced faculty members who contribute their service to the students and institution. It has over eight faculty members, whose areas of expertise and research include inorganic, physical, organic, nanotechnology, environmental and electrochemistry. They participate in training programs, which keep them updated in the current development of chemical sciences and help to promote advanced research activities. The department has independent laboratory fully equipped with advanced equipments for teaching and research activities, the facilities available in the laboratories include Spectrophotometer, Calorimeter, Flame Photometer, Orsat apparatus, CST apparatus, Bio-diesel plant, distillation unit, Electric air oven, PH meter, Conductivity meter, Potentiometer, all types of electrodes, all types of balance, Column Chromatogram and Magnetic stirrer. The members of faculty the department have contributed to academics by publishing books, research articles in reputed journals and presenting papers in national as well as international conferences. Further, the department of chemistry has a band of dedicated staff who have been performing consistently in producing above 95% of results in the Anna university examination for Ist year B.E./B.Tech., students. The service rendered by non teaching members of staff is noteworthy. The department has internet facilities which help to impart innovative ideas to the students. The department has a tie up with recognized institutions, industries and R & D laboratories for student projects, training and research activities.


  • To be a world class Engineering College engaging in meaningful research & development offering quality education to the students and other learners.


  • To impart value based higher education for turning out good engineers, scientists and researchers who are at the same time good individuals and good citizens so that they become useful members of an enlightened humane society.