Dept. of EEE

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with GRK Electronics, Chennai and Agro-Tech, Dindigul

The department is also working on to provide a solution wherever there is lack of power quality compliance as per norms. To carry out further development work in this front, the department has entered into an MOU with industry partners working in this area.

Two MOUs were signed by EEE department with two industries GRK Electronics, Chennai and Agro-Tech, Dindigul to promote consultancy services.

1. MOU signed with GRK electronic, Chennai for development and implementation of power quality mitigation techniques with a financial commitment of INR 300000 /- from the industry partner

2. MOU signed with Agro-Tech Dindigul for development of efficient solar dryer with an financial commitment of INR 500000/- from the industry partner