Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge India Design Contest 2017

The final year Students from department of EEE has submitted 17 project proposals to TI IDC 2017 Contest and 2 proposals have been selected for quarter finals and each project teams have received a grant of 200 USD worth components. All the team have executed the project and submitted the project report. Details of all the projects have been shared. You shall watch the project demo videos in the given link. Kindly watch the videos and share your comments.

Name of the students
Project Title
Youtube Link
Mr. P. Ramesh Babu Basheer Ahamed Munavary S
Jai Krishnan S
Chidambaram S
Dinesh Babu P
Low Cost Digital Starter with speed control of DC shunt Motor Using MSP430 for academic purpose Video 1

Video 2
Ms. N. Gayathri R.Balaji
V.Mithun Kumar
G.Chandra sekar
IOT based smart transportation system for smart city application Video 1

Video 2