Objectives of the Cell

1. Enhancing the depth of understanding in academic curriculum for the students by introducing the concept of Study--> Experiment --> Analyze and then --> understand

a. Development of customized course modules demonstrating the application of theoretical concepts by means of simple hands on experiments/demo, that could be delivered as a one/two/three day workshop which would help enhancing the depth of understanding in the identified core subjects

b. Development of laboratory modules other than the curriculum, which would boost the knowledge level on subject of student and widen the level of exposure in real time application of theory, that could be delivered as a one/two/three day workshops

c. Conduction of design contest with encouraging prizes, spreading over the entire semester with different levels, in area very much relevant to the current semester curriculum, which would strengthen interest for the subject by the student

2. Realizing real time implementation of existing technologies which is already reported in literature by faculties and thereby enhancing the depth of core knowledge

a. Identifying relevant topics based on area of interest by the particular faculty and make attempt to implement in real time leveraging the existing departmental laboratory facility.

b. Develop laboratory/course modules that could be delivered as a FDP and thereby sharing the knowledge gained to internal and external faculties

3. Development of product proto types

a. Extending the real time implementation work of existing technology reported in literature, to a application oriented product based on the pinching social needs, to the level of functionally working laboratory proto type which could be handed over to IIPC that can be further converted to a commercial product with the help of industry partner by IIPC

4. Publications and research proposals

a. Come up with good publications in good journals and international conferences

b. Generate research proposals that could be submitted to funding agencies and secure funds for research work

5. Generating IP rights

a. Apply for patent rights for each new product development