Rules & Regulations

  • The students should scan the ID card in the library gate system, while entering and exiting.

  • The Library will be opened from 9 a.m to 5.30 p.m. on all working days.

  • 1st and 2nd year B.E/B.Tech students are eligible to borrow 3 books at a time from the library and 3rd and final year students are eligible to borrow 4 books at a time. P.G. Students are eligible to borrow 5 books at a time. Staff members are eligible to borrow 10 books at a time.

  • Dictionary, Reports, Proceedings, reference sources will not be lent out.

  • Books will be issued from the library to the students only against producing their ID Cards.

  • The students have to return the books within 21 days. The Books must be returned on the due date positively.

  • Fine will be levied for late return of books.

  • Up to 15 days
    Rs.1 /day
    15 days to 30 days
    Rs.2 /day
    30 days and above
    Rs.3 /day

  • The books issued to the students must be kept in good conditions. Any damage to the books will attract a fine.

  • Any kind of marking, underlining etc, in the books or in the periodicals is absolutely forbidden.

  • Loss of books issued, if any, should be reported to the librarian immediately. The borrower should either replace the book within the stipulated time or pay the cost of the book or the cost at current market price which will be ascertained and fixed by the Librarian.

  • Library is the place for study. No Student is allowed to eat, drink or speak inside the library. If student behaves differently, he/she will be sent out and appropriate action will be taken against the student.

  • Students are advised to observe complete silence and discipline inside the library

  • Books taken out of the shelves for reference should be replaced in shelves in the correct place.

  • Reprography facility is available in the library. Library users can photocopy the materials subject to copyright restriction. The charges for photocopying are Rs.1 per page.

  • Bags are to be kept outside of the Library. No one is allowed to carry bags or any other article inside the library.

  • Electronic devices such as Cell Phone, Radio, Camera, Pen Drive or any kind, are strictly not allowed inside the library.

  • Students after reading the magazine should keep it in the appropriate place provided in the journal rack.

  • Users found violating any of the library rules will be viewed seriously and dealt with accordingly.

  • During the Students library hours, one faculty member should present in the library to watch students and keep them silent.

  • Students must leave their footwear only in the shoe stand at the entrance of the library.