Internet / Intranet

Saranathan College of Engineering is proud to provide a 24 hrs online hi speed internet facility up to 200 Mbps connection to our students thus opening up a completely new world. The Internet has become the primary source for latest and unbounded knowledge for students craving for tips, suggestions and general knowledge.

Saranathan College of Engineering move to make the campus Wi-Fi enabled makes Internet browsing seamless and convenient.

155 Mbps Jio 1:1 Fiber Leased Line internet connection along with 20 Mbps BSNL and 25 Mbps Private Wireless Leased Line with 8 Wi-Fi hotspots available for staff and students. Wi-Fi environment is all set to revolutionize the teaching-learning mechanism at Saranathan College of Engineering.

The classrooms, corridors of various academic and administrative buildings have been enabled with Wi-Fi for the convenience of faculty, students and researchers and also for students staying in hostel on campus.