The Mechanical Engineering Department was started in the year 2005. The department offers an undergraduate programme B.E. Mechanical Engineering with sanctioned intake of 120 students and a postgraduate programme M.E Thermal Engineering with a sanctioned intake of 18 Students. The department has state-of-the-art laboratories, CAD centre with advanced software, a department library, experienced and expert faculty members having doctoral degrees, outstanding research publications in peer reviewed International/National journals. The Department's mission is to generate employable mechanical engineering graduates with knowledge, skills and ethics; provide them with the professional and soft skills necessary to lead a successful career and peaceful life and equip them with the confidence necessary to contribute to society by performing in their respective chosen fields of endeavor.


  • To become a Department of Academic Excellence in the frontier areas of Mechanical Engineering.
  • To become a World Class Center of Higher Learning and Research in Mechanical Engineering leading to the evolution ofknowledge society.


  • To train future leaders with skills and abilities.
  • To pursue research in frontier areas and enhance knowledge base.
  • To inculcate values leading to holistic learning.
Started B.E (Mechanical Engineering)
Increased intake for B.E
Started M.E (Thermal Engineering)
Accredited by N.B.A for B.E


The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Saranathan College of Engineering will produce Graduates who:

  • Have the requisite technical knowledge and skills to recognize, analyze and solve problems, and to apply these abilities to the generation of new knowledge, ideas or products and to implement these solutions in practice.

  • Will receive necessary instruction and practical experience to work well in local and international team environments and to be effective written and oral communicators, both for communicating ideas to other people, mentoring, and for learning from others.
  • Can recognize the importance of and engage in life-long learning, whether through self-study, continuing education courses or workshops, or through formal Post-Graduate and Research level education and encourage others to have this same motivation.
  • Have an understanding of ethical responsibility and service toward their peers, employers, and society and follow these precepts in their daily lives.

Short Term Goal

1. To graduate 50% of students with distinction.

2. To achieve 100% academic results.

3. To implement effective measures to ensure that all supporting faculty possess diploma or degree

4. To offer number of short term courses

5. To contribute for the development of rural community to increase their living standards by promoting research in the concerned fields

Long Term Goal

1. To establish the department as an excellent academic centre through outcome based, skill oriented teaching learning methods and laboratories with modern equipments.

2. To establish the department as a renowned research center in the field of modern manufacturing and thermal engineering.

3. To forge strong alliances with National and International Organizations for Academic, Industrial and R & D activities in the field of modern manufacturing and thermal engineering.