The Department has following equipped laboratories

A separate department Instrumentation and Control Engineering is managed by qualified staff members. It has well equipped laboratories with the computer labs, latest instruments and equipment. The department has its own library to cater for the specific needs of students.

Process Control Laboratory

From this lab, the students benefitted by learning mathematical modeling of various processes and obtaining the tuning parameters to control the process. They learn to control the major physical processes using scaled down replicas of the process plants. The systems can be controlled by the Digital PID controller and Computer. Process control lab gives a close light on process like flow, level, temperature and pressure. It enables the students to gain a vivid and comprehensive practical knowledge about the industrial requirements. They also learn to use various virtual simulation platforms such as matlab, scada, labview etc., for the mathematically model the various processes.

Circuits and Instrumentation System Design Laboratory

This lab is well furnished with good quality equipments like, Function generators, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, CROs etc. This lab covers the experiments related to Operational Amplifier and its applications. This laboratory aims to give learners an understanding of electronic devices and the skills needed to simulate, construct and test a variety of electronic circuits.

Electronics devices are used in a huge variety of manufactured products. From everyday popular items such as cameras and thermometers to the robotic welding machines used in industry, the use of electronics is continually growing. This Lab provides a practical introduction to basic electronic devices , analog/digital electronic principles. It provides learners with an opportunity to investigate operation of the most important building components of electronic circuits, viz. diodes and transistors. The overall aim is to build learners confidence in their ability to construct and test simple electronic circuits. The emphasis is on prototyping, constructing and measuring electronic circuits. The unit treats systems in terms of their functionality and their input/output relationships. Students gain knowledge of designing and building electronic circuits. It helps them to gain hands on experience in debugging and testing circuits and indepth knowledge in using analog and digital circuits.

Transducer Measurement and Industrial Instrumentation Laboratory

Students learn about the different type of measuring instruments and measuring techniques used to measure various physical parameters of different processes. They get hands on training in using and calibrating various industrial grade instruments. By applying the theoretical knowledge that they gain, they learn to select and use the appropriate instruments for each scenario.

In this lab the students acquire knowledge on various transducers. Apart from transducers the students also gets experience in working with sensors for various process measurements. This imparts the students with the knowledge and working with transducer and sensor for various industrial applications also students used to know the calibration of pressuring device and the process variables can be measured using different sensors.

Advanced Control Systems Laboratory

ACS lab of ICE department is fully air conditioned and can accommodate thirty students. Eighteen PCs are available which are installed with latest version of MATLAB. Advanced control strategies include the implementation of PLCs and DCS to meet the demand. Two ABB type PLCs worth Rs. 2 lakhs are available. AC500 is the PLC of choice when scalability, flexibility, performance, integration and communication are mandatory. Numerous I/O modules carefully specified powerful CPUs and real time communication couplers provide the basis.

ABB type DCS (Distributed Control System) worth Rs. 7 lakh is available. DCS is a computerized control system used to control the production line in the industry. The entire system of controllers is connected by networks for communication and monitoring. DCS is a very broad term used in a variety of industries, to monitor and control distributed equipment.

One Bottle filling demonstration system is available whose application is indispensible in liquid processing industries.

Technological advancements in process monitoring, control and industrial automation over the past decades have contributed greatly to improve the productivity of all manufacturing industries throughout the world.

Virtual Instrumentation Laboratory

Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering are more fortunate to have a sophisticated VI laboratory. The lab is fully air conditioned and can accommodate thirty students per session. The lab is equipped with more than ten PCs and some were installed with licensed version of LabVIEW 2010. The special features of the latest version of LabVIEW include NxT Robotics and RF communication. A couple of robots are available for experimentation purpose. One robot is a "pick and place" type which can be programmed to sense metal explosives and can be implemented for bomb disposal. Other one has a couple of brushes which act like wipers and hence can be used for cleaning purpose.

PCs are supported by IntelĀ® core processor and Windows XP Professional OS. Ten DAQ signal accessories and five NI ELVIS have been bought from National Instruments which enable to generate and acquire signals from real world. Eighteen DAQ cards of four different specifications namely PCI 6221, PCI 6013, PCI1171 (add-on card) and PCI 6251 are being used. There are communication devices like EPM shielded cable and signal connector board in this lab.

The facilities in VI lab are worth Rs. 25 lakhs. Study materials for CLAD examination are also available in the lab. Workshops on "Graphical System Programming" are frequently conducted for students. An MoU was signed with NI India so that the students will be more aware in the latest trends of virtual instrumentation.

Value added Infrastructure

  • Total Number of Computers : 45
  • Printing and Scanning Facilities are provided for the Students with High Speed Internet Connectivity.
  • The center is equipped with 15 kVA UPS.
  • DCS Unit (with ABB AC 800M / SCADA / Control Builder)
  • PLC Trainers (ABB 07 CR41 with Software AC1131
  • 30 Licensed NI LabVIEW software packages (Version 2013)
  • FPGA Development Kit (ALSTREA 2C20 with Quartus II V & I)
  • Embedded C - kits (PIC 16F/ 18F - RTOS)
  • GPS Receivers (GARMIN & NEMERIX Land Rover
  • Robot Models
  • MEMS Transducers