List of Ph.D Scholars of Ongoing Research Work

Candidate Name & Reg.No.
Title of the Thesis
Name of the University
Month & year Registration
1. Ms.A.MercyVasan Dr. V. GopalaKrishnan Three dimensional modeling and Investigation of the transient, Multiphase cold flow Characteristics of a full loop, Laboratory scale cfb boiler using cfd Techniques. Anna University , Chennai June 2011
2. Mr.G.Mahesh Dr. K. Murugu Mohankumar Experimental investigations and analysis on sand casting process by varying the mould attributes using optimized riser design. Anna University , Chennai June 2012
3. Mr.N.Sathiya Narayanan 1615259141 Dr. N. Baskar Experimental investigation,analysis,optimization and validation of machining parameters for lathe operations. Anna University , Chennai June 2016
4. Mr.M.Sridharan 1614259132 Dr. G.Jayaprakash Performance analysis and simulation of solar pv/t water collectors Anna University , Chennai June 2016
5. Mr.S.Sathyanarayanan 411915052 Dr. S. Suresh Emission analysis in ic engine exhaust gas NIT, Trichy Feb 2016
6. Mr.S.Karthikeyan 17132591273 Dr. N. Baskar Experimental investigation and evaluation of mechanical properties for friction welding of similar and dissimilar materials Anna University, Chennai. January 2017
7. Mr.A.Maria Jackson 17142591284 Dr. N. Baskar Experimental evaluation and analysis for milling process parameters on composite materials Anna University, Chennai. January 2017
8. Mr.A.Saravanan 414916055 Dr. J. Jerald Geometric tolerance design NIT, Trichy December 2016
9. Mr.A.Ranjith Raj 414917059 Dr. S.Vinoth Additive manufacturing NIT, Trichy December 2017
10. Mr.M.Sriram Prasanth Dr.V.Arul Mozhi Selvan Alternate fuels NIT, Trichy June 2018