Dept. of ECE

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with M/s Texas Instruments (TI)

To improve the industry- institute interaction and to enhance the practical knowledge of students, MoU is signed with Texas Instruments (TI) during October 2012. This MoU is signed to arrange for conduction of workshops, design contests, seminars, etc.,

The essential features of the MoU are listed below.

  • Setting up the Lab: A Lab named "Texas Instruments Analog Systems Lab" has been set up in our department. Cranes Software International Ltd (which is University Program Partner of Texas Instruments, India) has donated the Analog System Laboratory Kit worth Rs.75,000/- to College under TI India University Program to setup Texas Instruments Analog System lab. Cranes agrees to provide the necessary Initial startup training and learning materials to begin with utilization of Lab.

Kits received under this MoU: ASLKv2010 Starter Kit - 6 No's worth Rs.75, 000/-

  • Conducting Faculty Development Programs (FDPs): At least one faculty development / Certification Program are conducted at the college premises for the faculty members to get trained in Analog system design using ASLKv2010 starter kit. One such program was conducted during May 2014.
  • Conducting Workshops/ Events: Workshops are conducted in the field of Analog Integrated circuits Design for the benefit of the students.


  • An Analog Design Contest was conducted during May 2014 for the students from various branches like ECE, CSE, IT, EEE and ICE. More than 100 students have already registered for the event.
  • Prize winners of TI innovation challenge India Analog Design contest 2014 held in our campus
    Prize WinnersPlace
    Sowmithri .K, S.Vidhya R.Subhashini, R.Sreeja1
    A.Janani, Aparna.M,Anujanaki.B2

Prizes won

  • 6 batches of ECE students (batch of 2/3 members) were selected and provided with necessary boards and components for the project development enabling them to participate in the National Level TI - Analog Design Contest conducted by Texas Instruments Ltd during February 2013.
  • All the selected and trained Students participated in the National Level TI - Analog Design contest conducted by the Texas Instruments in February 2013. One batch of ECE students comprising Mr.S.Niveth Richard, Mr.M.Neeraj Narang and Praveen.P won 2nd prize in this contest.
  • One Batch of 3 students - Buvana suriya .R, Ezhil Vani.S, Nandhini Arasi.M has participated in the National Level TI-Analog contest during 2014.
  • A Batch of 4 students – P.Prakash ,Raghuram.B ,Ramya.C,Siva Priya.S has participated in the National Level TI-Analog IC Design contest during 2015.