Funded Projects

1. MODROBS : INR 7,00,000

2. RPS : INR 5,20,000

1. MODROBS : 2012/13

Funding Agency AICTE(MHRD)
LabPower Electronics Lab
Title Modernizing Power Electronics lab with Power Quality Studies
Principal InvestigatorDr.M.Arutchelvi
Duration1 year (May 2012 - May 2013)

New experimental setups have been created in the power electronics lab to study the effect of non-linear loads connected to the grid. Three phase power quality analyzer has been procured under this project among other equipments. Some of the important additions of new experiments are listed as below

1. Measurement of power under non-sinusoidal conditions

2. Measurement of THD for voltage/current

3. Measurement of Unbalance in Voltage/Current

4. Study of power quality issues in AC and DC Drives

5. Energy Saving through power quality improvement

2. RPS : 2013/16

Funding Agency AICTE(MHRD)
TitleDevelopment and Implementation of Simplified Intelligent Controller for a Regulated Autonomous hybrid PV Array Excited Wind driven Induction Generator system with an unbalanced and non-linear load.
Principal InvestigatorMr.S.Lenin Prakash
Duration3 years (Oct 2013 - May 2016)

Project Impact -Expected outcome:

A conceptually proven controller implemented and validated in a small-scale stand-alone hybrid pv-wind system which can be scalable for high power system and converted as a commercial reliable product for remote rural applications as well as residential customers in urban areas.