Self Supporting Project

Apart from the projects funded by the external funded agencies, the department has taken up various research projects with the support of institution, in the area of Antenna design and fabrication, design of Communication systems using Software defined radio and MATLAB software and Design of Electronics projects and its analysis using Multipurpose Lab to cater the societal needs and further strengthen the consultancy services offered by the department.

Ongoing Research Work:

  • Design and implementation of High Performance Pattern recognition systems in VLSI.
  • Design and development and optimization Micro strip Array Antenna system for Satellite Application.
  • Design and Analysis of High Performance MB-OFDM UWB wireless system using Asynchronous Technique.
  • Design And Characterization Of Miniaturized Multiple Band Array Of Slot Antenna Using Multilayer Substrate Integrated With Meta-Material For Broad Band Communication.
  • Intelligent Post-Harvest Monitoring and controlling system using Wireless sensor Network.
  • Design and Implementation of Reversible Electronic Circuits using Reversible Gates.
  • Design and Implementation of Enhanced Data converters for wireless Communication in VLSI.
  • Design of underwater wireless optical communication transceiver.
  • 3D image analysis with reconfigurable parameters.
  • Design and analysis of VLSI architecture for image interpolation.
  • Design of application specific routing algorithms for low power NOC.
  • Fault tolerance network interference on NOC using 3-Weight pattern
  • Design and Analysis of reconfigurable architecture for wireless application
  • Security Enabled Near Far communication Devices for Embedded application
  • Novel Architecture for enhancing the performance of DSP functional blocks in VLSI

Completed research work:

  • Dr.M.Padmaa – Random Image Steganography.
  • Dr.S.A.Arunmozhi – Securing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks against Distributed Denial of Service Attack in Mobile Adhoc Network.
  • Dr.S.Rajeswari – An Adaptive Energy Efficient Reliable Routing Protocol for Mobile Adhoc Network.
  • Dr.P.Shanmugapriya – Development of efficient speaker Verification systems using Optimal feature selection.
  • Dr.V.Mohan – Lossy Still Image Compression-Some new Issues.
  • Dr.M.BarithaBegum – New techniques for Dictionary based and sign language based text compression and secure transmission.
  • Dr.B.Suganthi – Performance Enhancement using carrier aggregation and MIMO for next generation wireless communication systems.
  • Dr.S.Jayanthi – Landscape Identification and Detection of various geographical features from Satellite Imagery using Intellectual Soft Computing methods.
  • Dr.S.Subatradevi – Optimization of interconnect delay in VLSI architectures for high speed system design.